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About me

Hello, I'm passionate software engineer, with over 8+ years of experience building SasS projects from the ground up. Skills range from building scalable and performant backend services utilising docker, NodeJs & Typescript, to rich and complex single-pager’s with React/Redux apps and component libraries from scratch. Along with building a variety of React Native apps available on Apple and Android stores.

Before becoming a software engineer I achieved a first-class degree in Computer Games Design. This background, combined with my coding ability, helps me to deliver projects to a high standard, with a keen eye for user experience and detail.

After living and working in London for 10+ years, in 2018 I transitioned to becoming a full-time remote contractor along with relocating to Austria. This has allowed me to become more focused and deliver faster with fewer distractions. With today's technology, it’s easy to attend meetings, daily stand-ups and pair program as if co-located.

Recent blogs

  • Run Scrips using Ḇa$h

    June 7, 2020 · 3 minutes to read

    Using Bash scripts to make run scripts consitent between projects and take the headache out of starting different projects.

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Below is some of my professional work spanning the last decade.

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